How Big and Small Companies Can Benefit from the Use of SMS Marketing


Are you familiar of short messaging service marketing? What are the reasons why there are growing numbers of big and small companies that are using it? To know more about

SMS marketing and the benefits it brings to companies, you can continue reading this article.

What SMS Marketing Is?

As the name implies, short messaging service marketing, also known as text messaging marketing, is one marketing tool that primary uses SMS in marketing products and services.

Due to the stiff rivalry and competition among companies nowadays, it is not surprising for businessmen to try different ways of establishing their presence as well as in promoting their services and products to customers and one of their preferred method is the SMS marketing. As a matter of fact, sms service is gaining traction and demand among myriad companies around the world.

At present, approximately 87% of the global population owned mobile phones and greater than two trillion of text messages were sent yearly. To capitalize on this statistics, businessmen used SMS marketing in promoting their services and products worldwide. They have considered it as one of the most effectual and the ideal way of reaching out to customers wherever they may be on the planet. Aside from the things showcased above, there are other benefits of using SMS marketing and these are further detailed underneath.

What Are the Other Rewards of Using SMS Marketing?

  1. Since majority of consumers carry their mobile phones wherever and whenever they may be, they can read incoming messages anytime, thus they can view the advertisements of companies whenever they received them.
  1. SMS have higher chances of being read by customers as compared to electronic mails.
  1. SMS marketing had higher response ratings than the other marketing tools and techniques previously used by companies.
  1. SMS marketing is cheaper as compared to the other marketing strategies around.


  1. Companies can reach out and can get in touch with their customers anytime and anywhere, thereby increasing customer loyalty.
  1. Numerous big and small companies used SMS marketing not just in launching and promoting products and services but also in giving customers rebates and discounts.

Now that you are aware of the myriad benefits of SMS marketing, it is also vital that you choose your business sms marketing service providers wisely and cautiously. Before inking a deal with any service provider, be sure to research first to determine which service providers are established, legit, licensed and trusted by numerous businessmen like you.

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